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Common Engineering Programme
(DCEP) S40
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) , School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (MAE)

You are passionate about engineering but undecided about which course to take. Fret not. The Common Engineering Programme is carefully designed for you to make the right choice. During the first semester, you will be introduced to the world of engineering where you get to dabble with mechanical equipment, biomedical instruments, electrical circuits and electronic gadgets to discover your interests and strengths.

At the end of it, you will be able to make an informed choice out of eight engineering courses – Aeronautical Engineering; Aerospace Electronics; Bioengineering; Computer Engineering; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Energy Systems and Management; Mechanical Engineering; or Mechatronics and Robotics.

Upon completion of the programme, you will be able to make an informed choice on which course to specialise in out of eight choices:

  1. Aeronautical Engineering
  2. Aerospace Electronics
  3. Bioengineering
  4. Computer Engineering
  5. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  6. Energy Systems and Management
  7. Mechanical Engineering
  8. Mechatronics and Robotics.
  • Offers you a wide range of engineering choices, giving you an insight to what interest you the most.
  • Begins with a semester that gives an overview of the skills, competencies and equipment pertinent to various technologies. The comprehensive exposure ascertains strengths and interests leading to an informed choice towards the intended career path.

Applicants must obtain:

i) the following GCE 'O' Level grades at not more than two sittings and

ii) 26 points or better for the net ELR2B2 aggregate score (i.e. English Language, 2 relevant subjects and best 2 other subjects, including CCA Bonus points)

Aggregate Type: ELR2B2-C
Subject Grade

a) English Language

1 - 7

b) Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)

1 - 6

c) One of the following 3rd relevant subjects:

1 - 6

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Combined Science
  • Design & Technology
  • Fundamentals of Electronics
  • Physical Science
  • Physics
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology)
  • Science (Physics, Biology)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry)

DCEP is a full-time first-semester programme and you will progress to one of eight full-time engineering courses thereafter.

First Year (Semester 1)

  • Digital Electronics I
  • Principles of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Introduction to Engineering I
  • General Education 1
  • Mechanics I
  • Computer-Aided Drafting
  • Basic Mathematics

First Year (Semester 2) (for MAE diplomas DARE/DBEN/DME/DMRO)

  • Computer Programming
  • Thermofluids I
  • Communicating for Personal and Team Effectiveness
  • General Education 2
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Engineering Materials I
  • Engineering Mathematics I

First Year (Semester 2) (for EEE diplomas DASE/DESM/DCPE/DEEE)

  • Structured Programming
  • Digital Electronics II
  • Principles of Electrical & Electronic Engineering II
  • Introduction to Engineering II
  • Communicating for Personal and Team Effectiveness
  • General Education 2
  • Engineering Mathematics 1

In your second and third year, you will take up modules of the engineering course that you have selected after the first semester.

Varies as to which course you choose to specialise in.