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Diploma in Chemical Engineering
(DCHE) S70
School of Chemical & Life Sciences (CLS)

Chemical engineering is the discipline where sciences are combined with applied mathematics and engineering principles. It takes laboratory ideas and turns them into value-added products in cost-effective, safe and cutting-edge processes for the chemical industry.

Some famous chemical engineers in history include John McKeen, who designed the first industrial-scale production of penicillin that saved thousands of soldiers' lives during World War II, and Carl Bosch who invented the Haber-Bosch process to produce ammonia, a critical ingredient in synthetic fertilisers that enable us to produce enough food to feed the Earth's growing population.

Join us if you aspire to be like the above prominent chemical engineers who make real, significant impacts in improving our world for a better tomorrow!

What makes DCHE unique?

  • First diploma programme in Singapore to be fully accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers, IChemE, United Kingdom. The full IChemE accreditation signifies worldwide recognition by universities and industries of the rigour and quality of our programme
  • Three-time winner of IChemE’s Excellence in Education and Training award, which signifies the outstanding quality of our programme
  • First chemical engineering diploma course in the world to adopt the Conceive- Design-Implement-Operate (CDIO) education framework which is in collaboration with top universities such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology,United States and Tsinghua University, China
  • 22-week enhanced internship in the Energy and Chemical sector
  • First chemical engineering diploma to offer Concentrations

Applicants must obtain:

i) the following GCE 'O' Level grades at not more than two sittings and

ii) 26 points or better for the net ELR2B2 aggregate score (i.e. English Language, 2 relevant subjects and best 2 other subjects, including CCA Bonus points)

Aggregate Type: ELR2B2-C
Subject Grade

a) English Language

1 - 7

b) Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)

1 - 6

c) One of the following 3rd relevant subjects:

1 - 6


To be eligible for admission, you must also have sat for one of the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Combined Science
  • Design & Technology
  • Physical Science
  • Physics
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology)
  • Science (Physics, Biology)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry)

The Diploma in Chemical Engineering is a three-year full-time programme.

First Year

  • Analytical and Physical Chemistry
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Chemical Engineering Principles and Simulation
  • Communicating for Project Effectiveness
  • Engineering Mathematics I
  • Fundamentals of Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Inorganic and Organic Chemistry
  • Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • Introduction to Chemical Product Design
  • Introduction to Chemical Thermodynamics
  • General Education 1
  • General Education 2
  • Materials for Design

Second Year

  • Chemical Product Design and Development
  • Engineering Mathematics IIA
  • Engineering Mathematics IIB
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Heat Transfer and Equipment
  • Process Instrumentation and Control
  • Rotating Equipment
  • Separation Processes
  • Social Innovation Project
  • General Education 3
  • 2 Elective Modules

Elective Modules

Elective Modules in Petrochemical Engineering

  • Petroleum Refining and Enhancement Technologies
  • Petrochemicals and Conversion Technologies
  • Specialty Chemicals and Product Formulations

Elective Modules in Biopharmaceutical Engineering

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP)
  • Biopharmaceutical Engineering
  • Biologics Manufacturing

Elective Modules in Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Membrane Science and Technology
  • Industrial Waste Management
  • Green Engineering and Alternative Energy
  • Environmental Bioremediation Technologies

Common Elective Modules in Petrochemical, Biopharmaceutical and Environmental Engineering

  • Basic Instrumental Analysis
  • Corrosion and Materials Selection
  • Organic Chemistry - Reaction Mechanism
  • WSH for Chemical Engineers
  • Numerical Computing for Chemical Engineers
  • Chemical Process Operations and Troubleshooting
  • Statistics

 Third Year

  • Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • Plant Design Economics and Sustainable Development
  • Plant Safety and Loss Prevention
  • Internship Programme
  • Thermodynamics
  • Capstone Project
  • Communicating for Professional Effectiveness

For a synopsis of each module, click here.

Career opportunities include:

  • Business Development Executive
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Engineer
  • Health, Safety Environmental (HSE) officer
  • Laboratory Technologist
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Specialist
  • Maintenance Specialist / Technician
  • Process Engineer / Technician / Technologist
  • Project Management Engineer
  • Quality Assurance / Control Engineer
  • Sales and Marketing Engineer

Further Studies

Each year, more than half of our graduates are successfully accepted into well-established local and overseas universities. Many of them are also offered module exemptions or direct entry into the second or third year of their university degree programmes. Starting from July 2011, our graduates can also apply for either a 2.5-year degree programme in chemical engineering that is offered by Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) or a 2-year degree programme in chemical engineering that is offered by Newcastle University (NU), United Kingdom and SIT.