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Diploma in Financial Informatics
(DFI) S46
SP Business School (SB)

The Diploma in Financial Informatics is a leading business course that develops your financial intelligence and the ability to transform information into insights. The uniquely designed curriculum equips you with:

  1. A broad base foundational business knowledge
  2. Specialised financial and risk management know-how
  3. Transferable data analytics and computational skills

The course adopts an active learning approach centred on rigorous discussions on real-world business cases and project works with industry. You will have an authentic learning experience in the Financial Informatics Lifelong Learning Space (FILLS) that will also hone your critical thinking skills, project management skills and interpersonal skills.

  • The 3-5 months of internship may just land you your first job! You have the opportunity to work with reputable companies such as OCBC, DBS, IBM and E&Y to gain credible work experience.
  • Know your market and be trained in Bloomberg and SAP information services, which are central to day-to-day real-world workings of the global financial market.
  • Mentorship from experienced industry practitioners through the client-based Final Year Projects.
  • Overseas Work Programme that expands your network and shapes your global perspective!
  • Venture out of your comfort zone to our neighbouring countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand for life-changing-experience social innovation and community projects.
  • Opportunities to take part in prestigious competitions, excel in it and be the best you can be!
  • Diploma Plus Programmes in Accountancy, Programming & Applications, Psychology and Design Thinking for those who have a wider range of interests and would like to stretch themselves.
  • Leadership training through hands-on event management experience and boot camps.
  • Many exciting out-of-the classroom activities such as grooming workshops, out-in-the-field fiestas and the signature bonding camps.
  • Opportunities for scholarships, bursaries and book prizes!

Applicants must obtain:

i) the following GCE 'O' Level grades at not more than two sittings and

ii) 26 points or better for the net ELR2B2 aggregate score (i.e. English Language, 2 relevant subjects and best 2 other subjects, including CCA Bonus points)

Aggregate Type: ELR2B2-C
Subject Grade

a) English Language

1 - 7

b) Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)

1 - 6

c) Any three other subjects:

1 - 6


To be eligible for admission, you must also have sat for one of the following subjects:

  • Additional Combined Science
  • Additional Science
  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Combined Science
  • Computer Studies
  • Creative 3D Animation
  • Design & Technology
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Fundamentals of Electronics
  • General Science
  • Human & Social Biology
  • Integrated Science
  • Physical Science
  • Physics
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology)
  • Science (Physics, Biology)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)


The Diploma in Financial Informatics is a three-year full-time programme.

First Year

  • Statistics for Business
  • Business Accounting
  • Management and Organisational Behaviour
  • Essentials of Financial Management
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial Services Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Prescribed First Year Elective
  • Communicating for Project Effectiveness
  • General Education 1
  • General Education 2
  • IT & Data Analysis for Business
  • Education and Career Guidance 1

Second Year

  • Financial & Management Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Financial Markets Products
  • Database Management
  • Enterprise Information System
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Modelling
  • Investment Analysis
  • Essential Programming
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Social Innovation Project or Overseas Social Innovation Project
  • General Education 3
  • Education and Career Guidance 2

Third Year

  • Professional Preparation
  • Business Intelligence Practicum
  • Banking Operational Risk Management
  • Investment Operations
  • Internship Programme
  • Corporate Governance
  • Final Year Project

Please note: Course structure subject to change.

For a synopsis of each module, click here.

Career prospects
You can look forward to rewarding and challenging careers in the following areas:

  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Financial Management
  • Product Control and Compliance
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Technology and Operations

DFI graduates have been successfully admitted into various degree courses in Business, Finance, Analytics and Information System, and with some clinching various scholarships as well. For those we plan to kick off their careers immediately after their three years of studies, they can always purse other professional certifications at their own time to enhance their level of professional competency.
DFI’s curriculum offers the foundation for graduates to further pursue various professional certification such as:

  • Financial Industry Competency Standards (FICS) Certification under Institute of Banking & Finance
  • Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) Certification
  • Professional Risk Manager International Association Certification
  • SAP Associate Certification

Singapore’s positioning as an international financial centre and analytics hub will continue to create a strong demand for DFI graduates, who possess financial competencies and analytics skills that can help businesses better understand their data to improve return on investment and value propositions.
Prepare yourself for a promising career in a broad spectrum of sectors, particularly in banking and finance and info communication, where go-getters can expect rewarding career opportunities. Your versatility will be your competitive edge. In DFI, you define your choice!