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Diploma in Interior Design
(DID) S89
SP Design School (SD)

As an Interior Designer, you have the ability and power to craft and transform the experiences of everyday living.

At the Diploma of Interior Design (DID), you will be equipped with skills to go beyond mere interior decoration. You will learn and engage in design research to develop your ideas and create interior spaces that are functional and purposeful. You will be taught how to combine design aesthetics with technical knowledge, and develop techniques to best communicate your ideas.

Interior Design students are also exposed to Specialisation workshops and Studio projects. This introduces them to various research and experimentation processes, helping them assemble a Design Portfolio that has gained recognition by employers in the design industry, as well as local and overseas Universities.

What makes us special?

  • Experience a paradigm shift in your understanding of interior design when you learn to question and redefine what the spatial enclosure can be
  • Dynamic, project-based curriculum that trains and exposes you to a broad range of thinking, designing and crafting skills
  • Learn to develop a strong research grounding to push the limits of your design ideas
  • Gain a broad exposure to international design trends by participating in internationally run workshops such as the Visiting School by Architectural Association, London
  • Take part in global design studios, international competitions and "live" industry projects and gain valuable experience as an interior design student
  • Join the global situated programme with overseas design institutions like Pratt Institute, New York and SAIC, Chicago, and expand your learning journey through regional study trips to Japan, Korea, India and Thailand

Applicants must obtain:

i) the following GCE 'O' Level grades at not more than two sittings and

ii) 26 points or better for the net ELR2B2 aggregate score (i.e. English Language, 2 relevant subjects and best 2 other subjects, including CCA Bonus points)

Aggregate Type: ELR2B2-D
Subject Grade

a) English Language

1 - 7

b) Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)

1 - 7

c) Any two other subjects:

1 - 6


To be eligible for admission, you must also have sat for one of the following subjects:

  • Art / Art & Design
  • Biology
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Studies
  • Creative 3D Animation
  • Design Studies
  • Design & Technology
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Fundamentals of Electronics
  • Higher Art
  • Media Studies (Chinese)
  • Media Studies (English)
  • Physics
  • Science (Chemistry, Biology)
  • Science (Physics, Biology)
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry)

Common Foundation

  • Communicating for Personal and Team Effectiveness
  • Visual Arts Studio
  • Foundation Design Studio
  • Basic Drawing Class
  • Graphic Communication
  • History and Theory of Ideas 1

First Year

  • General Education 1
  • General Education 2
  • Interior Design Studio 1
  • Materials and Technology 1
  • Interior Design Communications 1
  • Interior Drawing Studio
  • History and Theory of Ideas 1

Second Year

  • Industrial Training Programme
  • Communicating for Project (Proposal) Effectiveness
  • Communicating for Professional Effectiveness
  • Social Innovation Project or Overseas Social Innovation Project
  • General Education 3
  • Theory of Design 2
  • Interior Design Studio 2
  • Interior Design Communication 2
  • Materials and Technology 2

Third Year

  • Theory of Design 3
  • Interior Design Studio 3
  • Interior Design Practice
  • Materials and Technology 3
  • Interior Design Communication 3

For a synopsis of the modules, click here.

Career Options

You could be:

  • An interior designer
  • A project manager for interior works
  • A designer in stage-set, exhibition, merchandise display etc
  • A designer in computer graphics and animation
  • A sales executive for building materials, furniture and furnishings


Further Studies:

Graduates who have done well for the course may be able to apply for advanced standing to pursue a degree in a university.