Course Fees & Financial Schemes
Course Fee
Course fees for Academic Year 2017/2018:
  Singaporean Singaporean
$2,791.11 $5,521.11 $9,763.21
$20,849.11 $23,770.21 $27,632.21

Troubled over the high school fees and schooling expenses? There are various forms of financial assistance schemes that you can apply for. Thousands of students in SP benefit from the following schemes each year. Read on to find out if you are eligible.

Schemes that help pay for tuition fees:

  1. Tuition Grant Scheme
  2. Mendaki Tuition Fee Subsidy
  3. CPF Approved Education Scheme (CPF-AES)
  4. Tuition Fee Loan (Interest free)
  5. MOE Study Loan for tuition fees
  6. Post Secondary Education Account

Schemes that can be used to pay for tuition fees or living expenses:

  1. SP Donors - Sponsored Scholarship/ Bursary
  2. CDC/CCC - Polytechnic Bursary
  3. MOE Bursary
  4. MOE Study Loan for living expenses
  5. Needy Funds

Schemes that can be used to pay for Notebook:

  1. PC Bundle Scheme by the Infocomm Develoment Authority of Singapore (IDA)
  2. Notebook Subsidy

Students can apply a combination of the above schemes.

General Notes About Application for Financial Assistance

  • Students must be enrolled into Singapore Polytechnic to be eligible for the above schemes.
  • Students need the SPICE user ID and password (issued during enrolment) for access to the the Student Administration System (SAS).
  • Application dates are subjected to change. Please check your student email or SP website ( to confirm.

How to Calculate Monthly Per Capita Income (PCI)?

Monthly Per Capita Income (PCI) = Total gross monthly household income / No. of people living in applicant's household

Gross income refers to amount before deduction of CPF. It includes allowances, overtime, commissions etc.

More Information

For more information, visit the Financial Assistance website or call 6775-1133 or walk in to the Student Service Centre at T16, Level 1.

At SP, we have 5 schemes that provide assistance for students with financial difficulty in tuition fees.

1) Mendaki Tertiary Tuition Fee Subsidy

This Scheme, funded by the Singapore Government and managed by MENDAKI, aims to support and help Malay students complete their tertiary education. Singapore Malay Muslim students with household Per Capita Income (PCI) less than $1,500 are eligible for this subsidy, which provides up to 100% of tuition fees for the duration of the student's study in SP.

For further enquiries, please contact Yayasan Mendaki at Tel: 6245-5555 or email:

2) CPF-Approved Education Scheme

Students may apply for a loan from your own or your parent's CPF savings to pay the tuition fees. Deadline is at the beginning of each semester. To apply, student and parent should each have a Singpass to log into

For further enquiries, please contact CPF Call Centre at Tel: 1800-227-1188 or email:

3) Tuition Fee Loan

SP offers a government-funded interest free education loan to Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents and Foreign students studying in SP. Under this scheme, students can take up a loan up to 75% of the tuition fees payable. Students can go to any DBS bank with his/her guarantor to apply for this loan scheme.

4) MOE Study Loan

Full-time students may also apply for a study loan to help pay up to 25% of their tuition fee and some money for living expenses. To apply for the Study Loan, students should have taken up either one of the above three schemes.

5) Post Secondary Education Account (PSEA)

Funds left in Edusave accounts are transferred to PSEA when student leave Secondary School / Junior College. This fund can be used to pay students' fees in SP. To use this fund to pay fees, students should fill in the PSEA Standing Order form (available at the Student Service Centre or on MOE's PSEA website) and hand in to SP's Student Service Centre by the end of April each year.

To find out your PSEA balance, please call MOE's Customer Service at Tel: 6260-0777 or email:

At SP, we have schemes that provide assistance for students with financial difficulty.

1) SP Donors- Sponsored Scholarship/ Bursary

Each year, hundreds of scholarships and bursaries are given out through this scheme because of donations by organizations and individuals. Selections are based on donors' criteria (which may include nationality, course, academic performance, financial circumstances etc).

Award: up to $3,000/academic year

Eligibility criteria:

  • Any nationality, but priority will be given to Singaporeans
  • Priority will also be given to students with lower household Per Capita Income*

Students can apply via Student Portal in April each year.

2) CDC/CCC - Polytechnic Bursary

A government-funded bursary for Singaporean students.

Award: $2,000/academic year

Eligibility criteria:

  • Singaporeans
  • Gross monthly household per capita income of $950 and below
  • Not in receipt of any other scholarship/ bursary

Students can apply via Student Portal in April and October each year.

3) MOE Bursary

A government-funded bursary for Singaporean students.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Singaporeans
  • Not in receipt of any other scholarship/ bursary

*For Full time diploma students:

PCI ?$1,400, they will be awarded $1,500 per academic year

$1,401 ? PCI ? $1,900, they will be awarded $750 per academic year

*For Part-time diploma students:

PCI ? $1,400, they will be awarded $990 per academic year

$1,401 ? PCI ? $1,900, they will be awarded $500

Students can apply via Student Portal from June each year.

*For PFP students

Gross monthly income of $2,500 or below or gross monthly household per capita income (PCI*) of $625 and below, will be awarded $870 per academic year

4) MOE Study Loan for Living Expenses

Summary about the Study Loan

  1. Quantum on loan is to be = 25% tuition fee and/or for living expenses = $2,700, if approved.
  2. Loan is interest-free for PCI* < $950 borrowers.
  3. Loan is interest-bearing for PCI* between $951 and ? $2,700 borrowers.
  4. Repayment commences upon graduation, termination of study or ORD.
  5. Requires one guarantor.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR
  2. Monthly Per Capita Income (PCI)* must not exceed $2,700.
  3. Must be receiving fee subsidy or loan by the government or a government registered agency.

Application is available on SAS throughout the year.

5) Needy Funds

Full-time Diploma students encountering acute financial hardship may apply for the SP Needy Fund. An application form is to be submitted. Make an appointment to see an officer-in-charge at the Student Service Centre. You may contact 6775-1133 or email at

Students may apply for an appropriate scheme listed below:

1) Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) PC-Bundle Scheme

For highly subsidized PC and/or Broadband, students may apply for this.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Singaporean or PR
  • Student's household does not have a working computer
  • Per Capita Income (PCI) ? $800 or gross monthly household income of ? $3,000

2) Notebook Subsidy Scheme

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Singaporean
  • PFP/1st year full-time diploma students
  • Gross monthly household income of ? $950
  • Not received this subsidy before

For Eligibility Criteria and Application Guide, please refer to the Financial Assistance website.