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At the School of Chemical and Life Sciences, you can unlock mysteries of science and create wonders to better life.

The robust curriculum, coupled with strong links with industries and universities, gives you an edge in your field. You acquire lifelong skills that empower you to take on and excel in various fields, like applied chemistry, energy and chemicals, food and nutrition, healthcare, medical technology, as well as cosmetic and perfumery!

When you graduate, you can contribute to discoveries that enhance the quality of life.

Why CLS?

In CLS, we pride ourselves on optimising the human factor.

Our lecturers are well trained in teaching pedagogies and richly experienced in their respective fields. Most importantly, they are passionate in their shared purpose to mold you into competent adults ready for the world.

Hence, we have graduates who are now award-winning scientists and others who are now doing their PhDs. Our graduates have also been admitted to study chemical engineering, chemistry, dentistry, life sciences, medicine and pharmacy at various universities, both local and overseas.

Our graduates do not just excel in the academic field. Some have gone on to become successful entrepreneurs, having benefitted from being exposed to numerous industry-related projects and collaborations during their studies.

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