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Everything around us is an engineering feat. Smartphones, laptops and transport networks are masterpieces of engineers. Join us and play a role in society that has never been more important than it is today!

At SP Engineering, you will harness your curious mind and translate ideas into creative solutions to better lives and shape the world around you; be it futuristic energy sources, robots with advanced intelligence, cutting-edge healthcare equipment or even complex aeronautical technology.

You will be imbued with a combination of creativity, leadership and communication skills through the internationally recognised teaching methods in SP. You can seek viable solutions to the latest engineering challenges when you go on overseas or local attachments and internships in notable engineering firms and universities.

When you graduate and join the 35,000 strong engineering alumni, you know that you are at the start of a fulfilling career.

With SP Engineering, it’s so possible.

Why SP Engineering?

We create opportunities for every student to grow and excel. In addition to your diploma programme, if you excel and show great interest in your current course, you may be given the opportunity to enrol in the Diploma-Plus Programme.


You can opt for either a university-preparatory or career-oriented Diploma-Plus Programme.

Courses offered under this programme include:

  • Applied Psychology
  • Aviation Management
  • Business
  • Design Thinking
  • Digital Media Creation
  • Humanitarian Affairs
  • Healthcare Innovation
  • Maritime Law and Dispute Resolution
  • Power Engineering Practices
  • Software Programming & Applications
  • Sustainability
  • Theatre Performance and Production

For more information, please visit www.sp.edu.sg and check out the Diploma-Plus page.


You can enrol in Advanced Modules that will help in your university studies. These modules are designed to add greater depth of knowledge in key areas.

Refer to individual course modules for a list of Advanced Modules available.


As a SP engineering scholar, you will be selected for research and development attachments and engineering conferences, as well as local or overseas engineering conferences, so as to keep abreast of the latest developments in your related field of study.


Looking for a challenge? Excited about technology?
Like to exercise your persuasive powers and turn dreams into reality?
Then the Engineering Academy is for you! It is available to a limited number of engineering students from the School of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) and the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE). At the Engineering Academy, you will be exposed to an exciting and intensive experience where you learn to create workable solutions to solve real world problems. That means: figuring out the right questions to ask, taking charge of your own learning and working through uncertainty.

You will collaborate with peers from other Engineering diplomas, learn about Design and Business, prototype quickly and have opportunities to work closely with industry and university partners.

Check out the Engineering Academy at www.sp.edu.sg/ea.

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